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Finished Reading: Radical Acceptance

Cover via Amazon Last night, I finished reading Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha for the second time. This book is a permanent one on my shelves, one that I revisit because it offers a … Continue reading

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Writing job scams: a quick guide on what to avoid

If you’ve ever looked for a writing job on the Internet, chances are you’ve seen a little tag line like the one pictured here. You very likely even recognize the very site this image was taken from. It’s a glorious … Continue reading

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A writer’s fancy: getting back to basics

Image via Wikipedia As some of you may know, I am, on the side, a hobby photographer. It’s a hobby that’s passionate of mine, but sometimes a frustrating one. In the photography field, there is currently a strong emphasis on … Continue reading

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Grammar Blogs: Why you love ’em

Image via Wikipedia Perhaps the subtitle should be why we love them. After all, I am subscribed to Grammar Girl among other things. I can bet that you’ve probably read, in the past year (heck, probably in the past month, … Continue reading

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Write me a letter: Remembering the days of pen-pals and stationary

Image by romanlily via Flickr Dear readers, When I was a little girl, I used to write letters. While some of these went to family and friends who lived far away, many of them went to pen-pals that I found … Continue reading

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