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Writing fiction for profit – a mercenary perspective

Image by TW Collins via Flickr This morning while browsing through my regular alerts, I came across a wonderful piece by writer and artist “OokamiKasumi,” entitled “Writing for PROFIT.” Ookami writes several fantastic tricks and tips for writers, but this … Continue reading

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One simple rule to becoming a professional writer

Image by Getty Images via Daylife If you want to be a professional writer, you must learn how to write. The statement above is profoundly simple and straightforward; and yet, that very statement, and what I am about to say … Continue reading

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Writing a book isn’t easy.

Image by Ian Wilson via Flickr You may be looking at the title of this post and be thinking, “Well, I could have told you that.” I mean, newsflash, the last time anyone thought writing a book would be easy … Continue reading

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Rejection stings the eyes, but emboldens the heart

Image by KatieL366 via Flickr Over a month ago, I applied to a very well paying freelance writing job; one that would have doubled my income and for which I was well-qualified. It would have been a step up as … Continue reading

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Writing prompts aren’t evil.

Writers have a love/hate relationship with writing prompts. We love them, because they can help us get past writer’s block, get the creative juices flowing, and can simply be fun. Why hate them? I remember being told once, “Don’t bother … Continue reading

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