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Cryptograms and the science of language

Puzzle-solving is one of my favorite hobbies, even if I tend to buy more puzzle books than I solve. I guarantee you I’ve at least a dozen hiding over the house half-finished! I tend to just pick one up and … Continue reading

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How else to say however?

Image by mag3737 via Flickr “However” is a very useful word. A conjunctive, it lets a writer or speaker connect two ideas to reveal a contrast. It’s simple, to the point, and an easy vocabulary word to understand – which … Continue reading

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Of frost, martens, and language

Image via Wikipedia Language is powerful, and its power is gained greatly from the fact that each word has a meaning, a piece of symbolism all its own. And while there are certainly defined meanings of words, their symbolism is … Continue reading

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How word searches reveal our brain’s relationship with language

Image via Wikipedia I loved word search puzzles as a kid. So did my grandmother. We could easily sit for an hour or two together, going through the cheap PennyPress word search booklets. I also adored doing the puzzles as … Continue reading

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