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Cover Letters & Redundancies

When I started getting career training in junior high, and as it carried on into high school, I was taught the value of the immortal resume. Formats and essentials and even what kind of paper to use were drilled into … Continue reading

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Unblanking the page

There you sit, white screen in front of you or empty page before you. Your fingers twitch nervously. It took a lot of courage to get yourself to this moment; you’d put it off, made promises, thought and planned, but … Continue reading

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Putting news together | Part One: Finding the news

This mini-series will take a look at how I put together my brief news articles on Examiner, from a full process perspective. Once a while ago, I was asked how exactly I was able to put news together so quickly, … Continue reading

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Writing fiction for profit – a mercenary perspective

Image by TW Collins via Flickr This morning while browsing through my regular alerts, I came across a wonderful piece by writer and artist “OokamiKasumi,” entitled “Writing for PROFIT.” Ookami writes several fantastic tricks and tips for writers, but this … Continue reading

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Of frost, martens, and language

Image via Wikipedia Language is powerful, and its power is gained greatly from the fact that each word has a meaning, a piece of symbolism all its own. And while there are certainly defined meanings of words, their symbolism is … Continue reading

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