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Cover Letters & Redundancies

When I started getting career training in junior high, and as it carried on into high school, I was taught the value of the immortal resume. Formats and essentials and even what kind of paper to use were drilled into … Continue reading

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Lessons in courage

Lately, I’ve been spending my time in some lessons on courage, strength, and identity. Little journeys of self-discovery can happen right where you sit every day, just as you fall asleep thinking the same old thoughts, and anywhere in between. … Continue reading

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Unblanking the page

There you sit, white screen in front of you or empty page before you. Your fingers twitch nervously. It took a lot of courage to get yourself to this moment; you’d put it off, made promises, thought and planned, but … Continue reading

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Joining the Fight against the Stupids

The Internet’s a fantastic place: it makes discovering and connecting with the world outside your door phenomenally easier. And one of those connections I’ve had the pleasure of making is with Maple Street Book Shop, in New Orleans. Maple Street … Continue reading

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New Perspectives

Moving over the past week  – and all the effort that’s led up to it – has energized me mentally as much as it has exhausted me physically. There’s so much about moving that gets the mental process really going: … Continue reading

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