Joining the Fight against the Stupids

The Internet’s a fantastic place: it makes discovering and connecting with the world outside your door phenomenally easier. And one of those connections I’ve had the pleasure of making is with Maple Street Book Shop, in New Orleans.

Maple Street Book Shop is an independent book store in New Orleans, opened in 1964 and still standing after all these years (and the disasters that have since passed through) as the oldest around. Their motto is “Fight the Stupids” – by, of course, reading books.

While it’s a damn shame they’re states away – because I’d be happily walking in their door if they weren’t – I got a little of Maple Street brought to me yesterday. A medium package, the result of winning a giveaway on Twitter, arrived, and this is what it contained:

Maple Street Book Store GiveawayThat’s a Fight the Stupids canvas tote (a sturdy one at that), along with a few surprises that were hidden inside – two stickers, a magnet, and Man with a Pan by John Donohue (a book the husband is eagerly waiting to get into). It’s a fantastic little token of appreciation.

So in return, I ask a little favor of you: if you live close to New Orleans, go visit the shop itself (7523 Maple Street). If you’re home-bound, or far away, go visit the Book Shop online instead (, where you can find out more about the shop, and support the shop through purchasing “Fight the Stupids” gear or from their online selection. You can also follow and connect with the shop on Twitter @fightthestupids and Facebook.

Don’t forget to support your own local independent bookstores, too!

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