A Craft eBook You Need (to read!)

Beloved readers, I return! I imagine things may be sketchy at first, but I am endeavoring to make a full comeback after a month away and rarely posting for a month or two. Life has been a mess, and blogging has been a side-diversion that I had to put aside.

So this weekend, I’d like to stop and introduce the crafters in the “room” to a book you should be reading, and by reading, I mean you should buy it. Seriously!

The Craft Lover's Success GuideMy friend Melody Jones wrote this fantastic ebook (which also happens to be my first official editing project). The idea behind the book is to help crafters get out of the muck and mire, and put forward a successful plan so that they stay crafting and give time for themselves.

I recommend this little excerpt posted here, for starters, to help crafters feel they’re worthy of the craft.

The book is only $9.99, a solid price for an ebook of this value, and can be purchased here. If you’re a crafter, please go check it out, and recommend it to your crafting friends!

Note: I get no bonuses for spreading the word about this book, no royalties from its sales. I’m just helping a friend sell a book!

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2 Responses to A Craft eBook You Need (to read!)

  1. Melody Jones says:

    Jaime, you sly devil…thank you for writing this! You are the best. She is, too. Also a great editor.

    I should mention there’s a free bonus ebook too with4 easy projects in it. Cuz free is where it’s at. I take care of my customers!

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