Writer Wednesday: Meet Sara Broers

Sara Broers

Sara Broers

After a week off and feeling mostly refreshed, it’s time to return to the Writer Wednesday tradition! Today, I’d like you to meet Sara Broers.

I don’t know Sara as well as I should, and that’s a shame. She’s a busy mom, and I can’t barely begin to keep up with her! In fact, I’m sure I’ll miss something or other that she writes about in this post – Sara, I’m sorry in advance! 🙂

Sara writes the blog “All in an Iowa Mom’s Day!” where she details the day to day life of a married mom of two teen boys out in, well, Iowa. She’s also the Austin (MN) Parenting Teens Examiner where she helps parents help their teens succeed. And she writes over at Helium.

More amazingly, Sara is a two-time thyroid cancer survivor. I loved her piece “Twice In  Your Eyes, Thyroid” at Dear Thyroid.

So go ahead – read a little of Sara’s plethora of work, and give her a follow on Twitter @saramomof2!

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3 Responses to Writer Wednesday: Meet Sara Broers

  1. Melody Jones says:

    Sara is a dynamo – there’s no keeping up with her! She’s great writer and colleague.

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