Summer Reading and thoughts on footnotes

Summer Reading Badge

Summer Reading Badge

I’ve earned myself a new Merit Badge! Well, OK, it’s also a new merit badge because it just came out this week. Still, I’ve only recently earned it.

The badge is “Summer Reading” – and why have I earned it? Because I finally started reading again this summer. I’m currently reading through Dante’s Inferno, for the first time no less.

Speaking of foot notes… does anyone else find them annoying when reading literature, particularly classics? While I find them incredibly useful for understanding the context and meaning of the prose, I find they act as more of a constant distraction than a helping guide. Perhaps on a second read through, or a read through for a class or academic purposes, they’d be more appropriate. But when reading for pleasure and understanding, being interrupted every 2 paragraphs by an explanation of who X is or what Y means seems bothersome.

How about you – do you prefer in text footnotes, or wish they’d go away?

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3 Responses to Summer Reading and thoughts on footnotes

  1. Sara Broers says:

    I’ve never thought about those foot notes- go away, I guess!

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  3. Melody Jones says:

    Not a footnote lover when it comes to reading for pleasure.

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