What a Little Break Can Do

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Let me share with you a little story: late Wednesday night last week, I had a general little break down of sorts because I realized (among other things) I haven’t been writing a thing outside of work, and a little blogging. Thursday, I took the day off except for one project I had to get in by deadline. Friday, I resumed life as normal, except with bonus “me” time now purposefully scheduled in.

Before Wednesday, this is what my active writing plans looked like:

No, you’re not seeing things wrong: there’s nothing there in that list. See, I had started a long time ago several various projects, but I’d dumped them aside for so long I hadn’t even thought about them.

After my little sanity break, the list looks like:

  • In Progress: Book based on personal life.
  • Almost In Progress: Fantasy fiction novel that I started a long time ago, felt very strongly about, then suddenly stopped writing.
  • Planning: Spiritual fiction novel (one I also technically started, but only to get some ideas on paper).
  • Pondering: Several small little e-books, and even considering writing a cooking textbook with the partner.

That little break just exploded my drive to write things not work related for once, and well, I’m going to ride that wave. Hope you like surfing, cause it’s going to be a splash! /harhar/

While I’m at it: Note – there are a few extra things in the sidebar! Extra happy points from me if you find them and check them out. Thanks!

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2 Responses to What a Little Break Can Do

  1. Melody Jones says:

    You must take care of yourself first! I hope you have more breaks scheduled in, Ms. Jaime…

  2. Breaks are good. I have had a REALLY long one and today I sat down in front of the laptop and an article just popped out! *lol*

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