The One (Wo)Man Show

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Let’s talk about my job for a minute – well, one of a few of them, at least.

Among my other clients, I write for Examiner as the National MMORPG Examiner. I started this up 16 months ago, and it was the kick off to a full-time plus career as a video games (freelance) journalist and writer. Anymore, I usually just say “writer” or “specialist” because there’s this huge debate on whether video games journalism can even be called that, blahblah. Different tangent.

Because of the format of Examiner, the only news that appears directly in my stream is my own. This means that I put in a lot of extra effort to post as much news in my field as possible. Essentially, I’m trying to run a gaming news site about MMOs by myself. I’m competing with sites like, which have multiple writers, but doing it all on my own. I can never hope to be like Massively – because I’m one person. Editorials, play alongs, interviews, features – all of these things I can do, but not on the scale that they can. Still, for covering news, I’m doing pretty good for a one-man show. After all, I not only have e-mails and press releases to deal with, but also scour over 300 websites each day for news.

Nonetheless, doing so much just for one client – not to mention 4 other clients – can really burn a person out. When you do it 7 days a week, anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a day (yes, really, 16!), you start to forget all about anything else in the world.

What’s my point in all of this?

I don’t really think I have one. I just want to pat myself on the back and say I do a damned good job for what I do, and remind myself that I really do deserve a break once in a while. I am, after all, only one person trying to do the work of a full publication team across multiple sites. I guess I also just wanted to point this out to my critics who say I don’t do enough, as a reminder that I’m only one person and I do pretty damned good despite. 🙂

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5 Responses to The One (Wo)Man Show

  1. You deserve a HUGE pat on the back. What you do is amazing and I admire your hard work and dedication to everything that you do!

  2. You deserve a HUGE pat on the back. What you do is amazing and I admire all the hard work and dedication that you put into everything that you do!

  3. Librarian D.O.A. says:

    Sounds like you’re buried under a crush of work, which is good, you’re in demand– but bad because you haven’t a built in support system as a freelancer. I’m in awe of how much time you put into your news site, I hope they compensate you well! Even if so, it has to be exhausting.
    Definitely take well deserved breaks when you need them and continue to write some of the best stuff out there.

  4. Sara Broers says:

    You keep the late night candle burning~ You are definitely someone I look up to!

  5. Melody says:

    Jaime, MMO Rock Star!! Also, what Sara said…

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