Something Fun and New: Merit Badges

Merit Badges
Image by sarahbest via Flickr

So if you all don’t know I’m a video game nerd by now… I’m sorry. Anyway, I adore things like achievements and badges. I’ve heard people argue they destroy gaming (pluuueeease), but let’s face it: there’s something fun about “earning” something you worked hard for.

I was browsing around the writer’s ‘net this morning – tired and grumpy because I woke up sick (and therefore early) – when I stumbled on an interesting idea: merit badges for writers. A little more searching netted me this site which makes merit badges, and currently is focused on merit badges for writers – a great place to start!

So if you look up on that little black menu bar, you’ll see a new page: Merit Badges. So far I’ve only started with badges I’ve earned through Merit Badger, but expect to see more as I root around and find more. Even if it means I need to make them myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to earn the day’s BICHOK badge…

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