Writer Wednesday: Meet Melody Jones

Melody Jones

Melody Jones

It’s Writer Wednesday, and time to highlight another one of the fantastic writers out there on the web that you can meet! This week, I’d like to introduce you to Melody Jones.

If Melody’s charming picture here doesn’t tell you enough, let me make it clear now: Melody is a cheerful person. Cheerful, in fact, may be an understatement! If there’s anything I know best about Melody’s writing, it’s that it’s full of wit and humor, the kind that can immediately bring a smile to your face or make you laugh. Her writing always has been able to cheer me up when I’m down, make me laugh when I’m dour, and fill up that little warm spot in the chest right when I need it. Not that Melody doesn’t write seriously too – she does, and does a fantastic job of it. She simply possesses great storytelling skill on top of her ability to write clearly and effectively.

The best way to get to know Melody’s writing is through her blog, Melody’s Musings. She’s also been known as the Parker, Colorado Examiner. More of her writing, both serious and humorous, can be found on Associated Content as well.

So go ahead  and meet someone new and charming. You can follow Melody @MelodysMusings on Twitter, and stop by and give her page a like on Facebook!

PS. If she asks who sent you, don’t tell her it was me. I owe her a guest blog post and I hear she’ll send a horde of puppies after me until I give in!

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7 Responses to Writer Wednesday: Meet Melody Jones

  1. Excellent article on Melody! Melody is a fantastic writer and a very dear friend! Great job on this Jaime!

  2. Melody Jones says:

    Holy cow! Thank you for this wonderful writeup. I did not expect this. As a lifetime writer, and now full time freelancer, it is fabulous to be noticed. Everybody, Jaime is no slouch in the writing department herself.

    I’d like to thank my executive producers (hi mom and dad), my on-site support staff and head lawn mower (hi honey!), my comic relief (hi doggies!), my reality checkers and supporters (hi writer’s group!), and my groupies (hi sister and all my friends!). Couldn’t do it without any of them in my life.

    Now where are those puppies…

  3. Francie says:

    I’m the PROUD producer of Melody (ok some help from the other half too). Such a nice article and well deserved on Melody’s part. Thanks.

  4. Wilfred Reinke says:

    I’m agree!, I have been foolowing Melody on twitter and reading her work. Top notch!

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