Writer Wednesday: Meet Cindy Springsteen

Cindy Springsteen

Cindy Springsteen

Every Wednesday on Twitter, writers share the names of their favorite writer pals in a special #writerwednesday (also #ww) promo shout-out, much like #followfriday. Although I keep a list of writers and writing resources I recommend, I thought it’d be nice to start giving a little more personal attention to these fantastic writers that you can connect with.

This week – and the first of Writer Wednesday here on Written Wings – I’d like to introduce you to Cindy Springsteen. A good friend of mine, Cindy focuses most of her writing attention on parenting teens. As a parent herself, she understands all too well the difficulties, joys, and worries that come with being the parent of a teenager.

Cindy writes as the Long Island Parenting Teens Examiner, and is the featured columnist at GeoVi’s Home for New Life. She also runs her own parenting blog. Cindy is also an award-winning poet, and will have a poem featured in a new film.

What you may not also know about Cindy is that she runs the Writer’s Alliance on Facebook, a group for writers, bloggers, and other individuals to come share their work. Cindy also runs two tribes for writers; these “tribes” meet weekly to share their work with each other, and then utilize that small network to spread out each other’s work to more people. It’s a wonderful little social networking group, very intimate and caring, and those of us who are in the tribes (I am one, after all!) have grown very close together over time.

Cindy is a very caring, selfless person, a writer who seeks constantly to improve herself and is passionate about her mission. You’d be senseless not to follow her – so head on over and follow @CindyTeenAdvice today!

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3 Responses to Writer Wednesday: Meet Cindy Springsteen

  1. Jaime you made me cry! I don’t know how to thank you for this beautiful kind thing you have done for me. You my friend are an extraordinary woman who is the most selfless person and inspiration to all. I am so glad we met and that our meeting has brought us together in the tribe. You are a treasured friend and I love you!

  2. Sara Broers says:

    This is very nice~ nicely done! Cindy does work hard for herself and genuinely cares about others!

  3. Melody Jones says:

    Ditto!! What Jaime said!

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