Blog redesign and SocialVibe

WordPress has released a new default theme for 2010 (aptly named Twenty Ten), and I loved the design and customization options so much, I switched! There isn’t too much different for those of you who read this regularly, but I’d like to highlight a few things.

  1. New header image. This one more aptly goes after the design I first wanted when creating a header for the site.
  2. SocialVibe. Look, this is simple: if you click on this badge, a pop-up will appear that will allow you to do an activity for the social good, and doing that activity will earn a few seconds of support monetarily for the project. I’ve chosen to support The Trevor Project, a leading national organization for suicide and crisis prevention among LGBTQ youth. This is a cause near and dear to my heart, so please – any time you come visit, give a click and do an activity to help out.
  3. Lots of room for badges on the side. Look at it! I wonder what will go there. 🙂
  4. Footer widgets! I love these, love them. Links, blogroll, and the Twitter feed are down there now.
  5. Isn’t the font easier on the eyes?

Let me know how you like the redesign, and feel free to suggest widgets and improvements!

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