Writing from A to Z, a must have for the shelf

Writing from A to Z: MLA UpdateWhile rummaging for index cards in my boxes of office supplies recently, I found my copy of Writing from A to Z: MLA Update Version. This is a handy book I bought for a college course as a required text; one of those treasures I’m glad I was required to buy.

You can think of Writing from A to Z as a spiral-bound practical encyclopedia for the writer. Listed with encyclopedic entries in alphabetical order, the book offers advice on writing rules and style. Word usage, spelling, grammar, and style are all covered in quick, easy-to-follow entries. Quick reference guides, as well as guides to research and APA, MLA, and CMS styles are all included.

Although this is an older edition of the reference guide, the majority of information presented here is timeless advice and guidance for the practical writer – and useful even for the non-student. This book lets me quickly check and edit myself, usually more efficiently than searching for the same information on the Internet.

If you’d like to add this book to your library, consider buying it through Amazon through the links below. Doing so will help support this blog!

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