Writer Organization: Planner follow-up

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the idea of using a planner to manage your writing projects, and I’m glad to already hear it’s working well for some of you!

I came across a bookmark today, and can’t believe I forgot to mention a great tool that I used to use, that will only cost you a piece of paper and the ink to print on it. This is a great solution for those of you who can’t afford a good planner, or can’t find a good planner at a reasonable price.

It’s called the PocketMod, and it can be found at http://www.pocketmod.com. It is completely free, customizable, easy to put together, and recyclable.

PocketMod is an 8 page planner. After clicking create, you can include anything from a day to day to a monthly and even yearly calendar, writing guides, references, an appointment timesheet, task lists, etc. You can even create custom pages, and do things like put inspirational quotes right into the calendar before you print it. Then all you have to do is print, and cut and fold according to the website instructions. Voila – instant, portable day planner.

I initially was using PocketMod for weekly work schedules when I worked in retail – I couldn’t carry my purse on the floor, so I carried a small pocket wallet and stuck this inside. Although I don’t use it for my planning now, I still keep it bookmarked for handy use!

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One Response to Writer Organization: Planner follow-up

  1. Excellent idea, especially in todays economy when every penny counts a way to still have a dayplanner and stay organized!

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